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news > We're back for work already under effective precaution (The 2nd. Working Day)

We're back for work already under effective precaution (The 2nd. Working Day)

2020-02-11 GL

Link to LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6632934790108712961

Link to Wechat: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/aaj9jF2UL4sKxcqPPgJ5iQ

Link to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/108345170566178/posts/205237674210260/?vh=e&d=n

< Official Start Time > 

- Feb. 10th , 8 o’ clock in the morning.

Factory Gate


Admittance Procedure: 

Temperature Measurement->Receive Pass->Hand Disinfection->Replace New Mask->Wear ESD Protective Clothes->Go to WorkIMG_9839.JPG


< Operation and Production Running Scene >

LED Package Line




SMT Line


Soldering Line


Processing Line



Packing Line


Extrusion Line of Waterproof Processing




Operation Center Office (Engineering、Quality、Production、Purchasing Dept' etc.)


R&D Center Office


Sales Center Office


< Comprehensive Previous Precaution Before Resume Work >

Well prepared for the safe reproduction according to a local government request, by establishing 7 epidemic precaution groups,  including publicity group, temperature monitoring group, disinfection group, personnel safety group, material support group, emergency response group and canteen safety group, for practical and detailed work.

- Collecting and tracking employee information, making an inventory of order & material stock & production capacity, evaluating supplier status of resume work.

- Unite a thought, comprehensive arrangement, division of labor and coordination of work, systematically, fully protected.

< Comprehensive Implementation of Epidemic Precaution Measures Before & After Resume Work >

- Publicity Group: Make publicity and guidance to the public on display screen, Wechat, bulletin board, morning meeting, etc.


- Temperature Monitoring Group: Everyone must take the temperature measurement everyday on the gate while entering the factory every time.


- Disinfection Group: Perform disinfection for all staff, working space and public space.




- Personnel Safety Group: Make registration, tracking and overall arrangement for every staff, to ensure safe operation and production.


- Material Supply Group: Purchase and supply materials such as medical material and daily necessities, reducing the risk by restricting outside movement of personnel.


- Emergency Response Group: To accept measures like isolation, medical treatment and aftercare of persons with abnormal health.

- Canteen Safety Group: To accept measures like isolation, medical treatment and aftercare of persons from canteen with abnormal health.

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